Thursday, April 16, 2009

What a Frump!

Stephanie: "Don't you feel like you have to stay in shape to live here?"
Lauren: "No, that's what baggy shirts are for." 

This is a direct quote taken from the cinematic masterpiece  of a reality TV show, The Hills.  Despite my mild sarcasm, I watch the show religiously.  It tends to fill my DVR on a regular basis.  Although I am slightly embarrassed to say I am a fan of the show I must admit that Lauren does have a valid point.  Baggy shirts and dresses are so in right now, by why?  They're frump, right?  WRONG!

I've lived in the O.C.  I know what it's like to be constantly worried about what I look like.  The "weight issue" has been a constant page turner in Hollywood blogs and tabloids for as long as I can remember.  There is absolutely no need for anyone to be that concerned with their weight (unless you're unhealthily thin or big).  Whether you are a size 2 or size 10, baggy shirts are your friend.  Did I just rhyme?  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has their moment of "spare tire woes."  You may have a food baby from that Japanese steakhouse dinner you devoured in less that 5 minutes or it could be the wrong time of the month and the Midol isn't doing the job it was created to do.  No matter what the reason, at some point in your life you will discover a little extra pudge around the mid-section that is less than adored.  Hopefully this baby fat is only temporary and you won't let yourself go.  ANYWAY, there are tons of fabulous frumpy shirts and dresses out there to cover that little bit of extra lovin'.  Worn with some tights or skinny jeans, you will come out on top!  Or you could just forget your pants and wear your sassy tunic with your own legs.
Ok, so I wanted to cry, scream, jump, and vomit all at the same time when I discovered this purple Gucci tunic dress!  The colors are to die for!  The purple and red contrast is incredibly delicious!  Usually runway shows include a lot of attire that the common folk could not pull off.  However, this ensemble is the epitome of elegance and normalcy!  It's paired with sky high gladiator sandals and an oversized patent red bag.  

I feel that this look is not just a trend but a discovery that will last forever.  Women will always be aware of their belly and frumpy baggy tunics are the answer to your sorrows!

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MollDoll said...

i love that you used FRUMP and I cant believe Lauren said that shiz either haha-I love the Gucci