Monday, April 27, 2009

Have a Nightcap with Goose!

Trends come and go... and then come back around again?  Who ever thought the psychedelic, hippie fads of the 70's would appear in our technology friendly world today?  The loose fitting tunics and feathery headbands somehow made their way back to the top of the fashion charts again.  And you don't see me complaining!  You can now get away with frumpy, t-shirt looking frocks and be considered stylish.  I love it!  Although these tunics and dresses are not necessarily form fitting, they are usually made of soft cotton or silk which cling to your sassy bod and can still be fun and flirty.
Since our economy is very unpredictable these days, we must watch what we purchase before sliding that sharp, shiny piece of plastic that we all know and love.  While shopping, it is important that you look for key items to fill your closet that are multi-functional.  I, myself did not truly understand the meaning of that word until closely analyzed.  When I say multi-functional, I don't mean buy a jacket that you can wear with anything.  I mean, buy something that you can wear often but looks different every time you wear it. 
Nightcap Clothing by Carisa Rene is affordable and super trendy-chic!  Her collection is filled with fun, flowy dresses and tops, perfect for any size and shape.  Each item can be worn so many different ways, which epitomizes my definition for 'multi-functional.'  
The black mini pictured above can be worn as a dress or top, can be paired with or without a belt, worn off the shoulder or on, and the list continues.  It also looks great with any accessory.  You can take the hippie route and wear a flowery headband and Golden Goose cropped cowboy boots or you can go Vogue and dress it up with some strappy stilettos, shiny jewels, and a curly coif.

Golden Goose is responsible for these amazingly adorable cowboy booties that look perfect with your 'multi-functional' look.  The cut-off boots are perfect for the upcoming summer weather.  Although a little pricey (just over $1200) and aren't necessarily consistent with my economically friendly look, they are the special item in your closet that you splurge on!

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