Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bedazzle is Back with Balmain!

Move over Michael Jackson!  Christophe Decarnin's Balmain opened Paris Fashion Week with studded fireworks!  I can't help but love with the sparkles, punkified fabulousness, and bandage-wrap mini dresses.  If you're a fan of Christian Audigier, Balmain designs are a classier version and a bizillian steps up the fashion ladder.  If you are not a fan of the grungy, punk rock princess look then I suggest that you get over your haut couture ego and try something new.  It will bring out the rebellious side of you if you are lacking in that area.
The bling does not stop at the jackets but continues to bedazzle the teeny tiny tutu dresses that caress the runway.  During Fashion Week, many designers cover their models in elaborate, unthinkably gaudy fabrics with unending amounts of ruffles that the average person would not be able to wear walking down 5th Avenue on their weekly shopping binge.  Balmain offers everyone ready-to-wear masterpieces right off the catwalk.  

An even closer look at the runway model's shoes, I will introduce my favorite aspect of the Balmain collection.  My heart melts for these fancy, metal heavy stilettos.  If you haven't noticed, I am a softie when it comes to black, studded fabulocity.  Giuseppe Zanotti jumped on the rhinestone and leather bandwagon and took part in the footwear designs for Balmain.  His creative take added even more sexy spice to the collection.  I look forward to seeing more from the sassy Christophe Decarnin and I hope to see more of his collection in my closet!

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