Sunday, August 16, 2009

BFF of the Bachelorette

Hello my few yet loyal followers.  I apologize for not blogging in a while because I have been extremely busy.  I recently moved, I start law school this month, and my life is one big ball of stress. 

 However, in the midst of all this turmoil, I have realized I am getting old.  Well, maybe not OLD but older, more mature, growing up.  With this "becoming and adult" thing, along comes having serious boyfriends, engagements, weddings...AND BACHELORETTE PARTIES!  I have a close friend who is getting married this December and I can't help but anticipate the bachelorette party.  But there is a major issue at stake here...  What do I wear???  Let's say, for instance, my friend decides to have her party in Vegas.  A stereotypical spot to have such a party but it is just oh so fun and we as girls can not resist a "Girls' Weekend in Vegas."  

Let's not get ahead of ourselves though.  We must plan our outfit strategically.  The bachelorette is assumed to wear something vibrant, like a lipstick red mini dress or a sequined number so we, as the entourage, must not overpower her thunder!  This is why I provided a perfect solution to the issue above.  This is a Mason by Michelle Mason black mini with zipper front and is highly affordable at $374.  This LBD is sexy, stunning, and most importantly, black.  Black is a color that will blend into the Vegas lights and will not cause a scene, stealing the bachelorette's potential attention from lame guys who think they're hot.  

Next, comes the fun part...SHOES!  I have a weakness for shoes, as all girls should.  This part can make or break an outfit.  Since you are in Vegas you might opt for a flashier pair of pumps but I say keep it low key just like your dress.  Remember, it is not you who is getting married.  It's your BFF.  An awesome pair of Pluto peep toes are shown above.  These are Ruthie Davis and are a nudge over affordable at $895 but you've been saving your money for this trip alone so it's a good investment.  These pumps are quite tall so they will make your legs look extra skinny and toned if you're lacking in that area.  They provide a slight detail on the heel as to not take away from the minor zipper detail on the dress.  
As for accessories, I would go with a pair of chunky diamond stud earrings and  blingy cocktail ring(s).  So many people are guilty of overdoing it in a Vegas atmosphere because they think, "oh, it's Vegas, I can look as crazy as I want!"...WRONG!  Just because you're in a notoriously scandalous town does not mean you should look like a cheap stripper.  When looking for a cocktail ring, go for something with intricate detail that makes your hand look dainty and pretty.  This one pictured above is Juicy Couture, which retails for $98.  This is on the high side just for a party ring so I would also recommend visiting Charlotte Ruse or Forever 21.

With this ensemble, you are guaranteed to make heads turn because it is simply and classy with a touch of trendy.  However, you won't steal any attention from your BFF Bachelorette because I'm sure she will be wearing a sparkly dress with a stupid tiara-veil on her head...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Have a Nightcap with Goose!

Trends come and go... and then come back around again?  Who ever thought the psychedelic, hippie fads of the 70's would appear in our technology friendly world today?  The loose fitting tunics and feathery headbands somehow made their way back to the top of the fashion charts again.  And you don't see me complaining!  You can now get away with frumpy, t-shirt looking frocks and be considered stylish.  I love it!  Although these tunics and dresses are not necessarily form fitting, they are usually made of soft cotton or silk which cling to your sassy bod and can still be fun and flirty.
Since our economy is very unpredictable these days, we must watch what we purchase before sliding that sharp, shiny piece of plastic that we all know and love.  While shopping, it is important that you look for key items to fill your closet that are multi-functional.  I, myself did not truly understand the meaning of that word until closely analyzed.  When I say multi-functional, I don't mean buy a jacket that you can wear with anything.  I mean, buy something that you can wear often but looks different every time you wear it. 
Nightcap Clothing by Carisa Rene is affordable and super trendy-chic!  Her collection is filled with fun, flowy dresses and tops, perfect for any size and shape.  Each item can be worn so many different ways, which epitomizes my definition for 'multi-functional.'  
The black mini pictured above can be worn as a dress or top, can be paired with or without a belt, worn off the shoulder or on, and the list continues.  It also looks great with any accessory.  You can take the hippie route and wear a flowery headband and Golden Goose cropped cowboy boots or you can go Vogue and dress it up with some strappy stilettos, shiny jewels, and a curly coif.

Golden Goose is responsible for these amazingly adorable cowboy booties that look perfect with your 'multi-functional' look.  The cut-off boots are perfect for the upcoming summer weather.  Although a little pricey (just over $1200) and aren't necessarily consistent with my economically friendly look, they are the special item in your closet that you splurge on!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bedazzle is Back with Balmain!

Move over Michael Jackson!  Christophe Decarnin's Balmain opened Paris Fashion Week with studded fireworks!  I can't help but love with the sparkles, punkified fabulousness, and bandage-wrap mini dresses.  If you're a fan of Christian Audigier, Balmain designs are a classier version and a bizillian steps up the fashion ladder.  If you are not a fan of the grungy, punk rock princess look then I suggest that you get over your haut couture ego and try something new.  It will bring out the rebellious side of you if you are lacking in that area.
The bling does not stop at the jackets but continues to bedazzle the teeny tiny tutu dresses that caress the runway.  During Fashion Week, many designers cover their models in elaborate, unthinkably gaudy fabrics with unending amounts of ruffles that the average person would not be able to wear walking down 5th Avenue on their weekly shopping binge.  Balmain offers everyone ready-to-wear masterpieces right off the catwalk.  

An even closer look at the runway model's shoes, I will introduce my favorite aspect of the Balmain collection.  My heart melts for these fancy, metal heavy stilettos.  If you haven't noticed, I am a softie when it comes to black, studded fabulocity.  Giuseppe Zanotti jumped on the rhinestone and leather bandwagon and took part in the footwear designs for Balmain.  His creative take added even more sexy spice to the collection.  I look forward to seeing more from the sassy Christophe Decarnin and I hope to see more of his collection in my closet!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What a Frump!

Stephanie: "Don't you feel like you have to stay in shape to live here?"
Lauren: "No, that's what baggy shirts are for." 

This is a direct quote taken from the cinematic masterpiece  of a reality TV show, The Hills.  Despite my mild sarcasm, I watch the show religiously.  It tends to fill my DVR on a regular basis.  Although I am slightly embarrassed to say I am a fan of the show I must admit that Lauren does have a valid point.  Baggy shirts and dresses are so in right now, by why?  They're frump, right?  WRONG!

I've lived in the O.C.  I know what it's like to be constantly worried about what I look like.  The "weight issue" has been a constant page turner in Hollywood blogs and tabloids for as long as I can remember.  There is absolutely no need for anyone to be that concerned with their weight (unless you're unhealthily thin or big).  Whether you are a size 2 or size 10, baggy shirts are your friend.  Did I just rhyme?  Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE has their moment of "spare tire woes."  You may have a food baby from that Japanese steakhouse dinner you devoured in less that 5 minutes or it could be the wrong time of the month and the Midol isn't doing the job it was created to do.  No matter what the reason, at some point in your life you will discover a little extra pudge around the mid-section that is less than adored.  Hopefully this baby fat is only temporary and you won't let yourself go.  ANYWAY, there are tons of fabulous frumpy shirts and dresses out there to cover that little bit of extra lovin'.  Worn with some tights or skinny jeans, you will come out on top!  Or you could just forget your pants and wear your sassy tunic with your own legs.
Ok, so I wanted to cry, scream, jump, and vomit all at the same time when I discovered this purple Gucci tunic dress!  The colors are to die for!  The purple and red contrast is incredibly delicious!  Usually runway shows include a lot of attire that the common folk could not pull off.  However, this ensemble is the epitome of elegance and normalcy!  It's paired with sky high gladiator sandals and an oversized patent red bag.  

I feel that this look is not just a trend but a discovery that will last forever.  Women will always be aware of their belly and frumpy baggy tunics are the answer to your sorrows!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Roses Are Red...but that doesn't mean your lips should be too

So we all know Gwen Stefani can pull off a deep red lip.  She has that 50's pin-up girl look with the platinum hair and fair skin and top lid black liquid eye liner.  Just because Gwen can do it does NOT mean it should become a trend for everyone!  There are certain fads that everyone can take part in such as skinny jeans.  Even if you have a Kardashian booty they still make you look skinny.  Of course Dior and Chanel and Walgreen's for that matter will sell you a red gloss to make a sale but they won't tell you it looks like crap!
I hate to discriminate but I've noticed only the bright blondes and super dark browns can pull this look off.  I, myself, am a light brunette (naturally) and would not even think about putting any shade of red on my pout!  The contrast is just so awful!  People like Scarlett Johansson with her white locks and Megan Fox with her black coif could easily grasp this fad and receive complement after complement.  But when the tables are turned and people like Lauren Conrad and Mischa Barton try their new MAC LadyDanger, I think it is an instant disaster.
  Lauren Conrad, from The Hills, looks so fresh and glowing without the deep dark devil on her lips.  The nude pink brightens up the rest of her face and shows off her beautiful eyes.  Even for a formal event, I think the red is too much on us "in-between hair color chicks."

I am fully aware that many people may disagree with me on this subject, which is fine.  Everyone has a different opinion on everything.  However, I truly believe red lipstick was created for pin-ups and playboy models.  I hate to say it but in some cases it comes off as trashy, especially when the red shade starts turning into blackish red or purplish red.  Just because Vogue says red is "so hot" right now does not mean it's so hot on you!
Be daring but don't go overboard ladies!  You don't have to follow every single fashion fad ever created.  Now, I wouldn't end this post without some suggestions for the light browns and dirty blondes out there.  Go to the and find Lollipop Loving, Bombshell, and Dreamy.  These perfectly pink shades are ideal for any skin color.  Dreamy also provides a sweet shimmer to make the rest of your beautiful face glow.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Tory, Milly, Louis OH MY!

I was at the famed South Coast Plaza, window shopping of course, when I stumbled upon Stephen Sprouse's new collection at Louis Vuitton.  The brilliant colors mesmerized me.  His ideas are so simple yet insanely addictive.  A small handbag will put you $1,200+ in the hole but is it not worth it??  I guess you could settle for a clutch for around $500 but if you're going to invest in one of these masterpieces you might as well go big.  I walked into the Louis Vuitton store and felt the piercing eyes of the huge security guards and beyond bitchy sales women but I could not help myself...I grabbed the "Neverfull" bag and I'm pretty sure my heart skipped a beat.  Since the gorilla looking security staff insisted on following me around the store because apparently I'm not a celebrity, I decided to leave and just put the Stephen Sprouse bag on my shopping list for future reference.
I continued my shopping venture into Saks where I felt more at home.  Definitely more my price range!  I come to find these amazing Milly dresses and I  mean AMAZING!  Like the Louis Vuitton bags, Milly designs are the epitome of simplicity yet scream high fashion!  If the pattern is too much for you, don't worry.  Solids were created for people like you who have no sense of adventure.  These maxi dresses are great for the warming weather and perfect for the summer cruise on the Mediterranean that you are dying to take.  And even better, they are affordable in the sense that you will not max out your credit card this month, again...  

Continuing my frolic in Saks 5th Ave,  I come across the salon fav!  I can not help but notice that these Tory Burch sandals would complete my Milly dress and Louis Neverfull.  The gladiator style is so hot right now and you can never go wrong with a neutral.  I like to think it makes your legs look skinnier.  The tan leather and golden clasps are an ideal combination for your bronze summer glow.
Last but not least!  You can't forget your sunnies!!  Some oversized Tom Ford's will sex up your show stopping look.  These will hardly make a dent in your wallet (compared to the rest of the outfit) and can be worn casually with your new maxi.  A bronze lens is always the way to go because they give your eyes a more mysterious glow, unlike the grey or black lenses.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beach Bunny Bums

The sun is starting to play tricks on us in this dull month of February.  One day it will be lay-out weather, the next it will be frigid!  Aside from the fact that it is technically still winter, we can't help but dream about the beach that we will be laying on in March for Spring Break.  Only a month away, most of us are concerned about the new bathing suits we HAVE to have that will make our bums beyond bootylicious!  
No one is perfect, except for Carmen Electra... so we must find the right bathing suit to fit our ever changing back sides.  With much research, I have found the ideal brand of bikini to make your Spring Break wishes come true!
Many girls shop online at Victoria's Secret for bikinis.  I have fallen victim to this website because I currently live in a small town that has a sad excuse for bathing suit inventory at the local Dillards (It makes me sick but that's a blog for another time...).  However, when I receive my bikini shipment in the mail, I am near disappointed because the butt of the bikini is always too big!  I've tried getting a smaller size but then it looks like a thong!  I am proud to say I have a solution for the baggy booty syndrome.  Beach Bunny Swim Wear!  No matter what kind of bum you have, Beach Bunny bikinis seems to fit!  The bottoms are cut a little more scandalously than a lot of bikinis but this is what eliminates the extra sag.  
If you're weary about showing off more of your bum, don't be!  Remember, there is always someone on the beach who looks worse than you do!  Also, it is time to have some confidence.  No matter what coverage your bikini bottom has, you should walk around like you have Carmen Electra's bod.  It is much more attractive to be confident! 
The Beach Bunny website is fabulous and has an extreme amount of options to choose from.  Although a little pricey(starting around $200 per piece), you will not be disappointed when your new bikini comes in the mail!  it provides sex appeal and enough coverage to get you through you Spring Break and Summer!