Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beach Bunny Bums

The sun is starting to play tricks on us in this dull month of February.  One day it will be lay-out weather, the next it will be frigid!  Aside from the fact that it is technically still winter, we can't help but dream about the beach that we will be laying on in March for Spring Break.  Only a month away, most of us are concerned about the new bathing suits we HAVE to have that will make our bums beyond bootylicious!  
No one is perfect, except for Carmen Electra... so we must find the right bathing suit to fit our ever changing back sides.  With much research, I have found the ideal brand of bikini to make your Spring Break wishes come true!
Many girls shop online at Victoria's Secret for bikinis.  I have fallen victim to this website because I currently live in a small town that has a sad excuse for bathing suit inventory at the local Dillards (It makes me sick but that's a blog for another time...).  However, when I receive my bikini shipment in the mail, I am near disappointed because the butt of the bikini is always too big!  I've tried getting a smaller size but then it looks like a thong!  I am proud to say I have a solution for the baggy booty syndrome.  Beach Bunny Swim Wear!  No matter what kind of bum you have, Beach Bunny bikinis seems to fit!  The bottoms are cut a little more scandalously than a lot of bikinis but this is what eliminates the extra sag.  
If you're weary about showing off more of your bum, don't be!  Remember, there is always someone on the beach who looks worse than you do!  Also, it is time to have some confidence.  No matter what coverage your bikini bottom has, you should walk around like you have Carmen Electra's bod.  It is much more attractive to be confident! 
The Beach Bunny website is fabulous and has an extreme amount of options to choose from.  Although a little pricey(starting around $200 per piece), you will not be disappointed when your new bikini comes in the mail!  it provides sex appeal and enough coverage to get you through you Spring Break and Summer!