Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Roses Are Red...but that doesn't mean your lips should be too

So we all know Gwen Stefani can pull off a deep red lip.  She has that 50's pin-up girl look with the platinum hair and fair skin and top lid black liquid eye liner.  Just because Gwen can do it does NOT mean it should become a trend for everyone!  There are certain fads that everyone can take part in such as skinny jeans.  Even if you have a Kardashian booty they still make you look skinny.  Of course Dior and Chanel and Walgreen's for that matter will sell you a red gloss to make a sale but they won't tell you it looks like crap!
I hate to discriminate but I've noticed only the bright blondes and super dark browns can pull this look off.  I, myself, am a light brunette (naturally) and would not even think about putting any shade of red on my pout!  The contrast is just so awful!  People like Scarlett Johansson with her white locks and Megan Fox with her black coif could easily grasp this fad and receive complement after complement.  But when the tables are turned and people like Lauren Conrad and Mischa Barton try their new MAC LadyDanger, I think it is an instant disaster.
  Lauren Conrad, from The Hills, looks so fresh and glowing without the deep dark devil on her lips.  The nude pink brightens up the rest of her face and shows off her beautiful eyes.  Even for a formal event, I think the red is too much on us "in-between hair color chicks."

I am fully aware that many people may disagree with me on this subject, which is fine.  Everyone has a different opinion on everything.  However, I truly believe red lipstick was created for pin-ups and playboy models.  I hate to say it but in some cases it comes off as trashy, especially when the red shade starts turning into blackish red or purplish red.  Just because Vogue says red is "so hot" right now does not mean it's so hot on you!
Be daring but don't go overboard ladies!  You don't have to follow every single fashion fad ever created.  Now, I wouldn't end this post without some suggestions for the light browns and dirty blondes out there.  Go to the MACcosmetics.com and find Lollipop Loving, Bombshell, and Dreamy.  These perfectly pink shades are ideal for any skin color.  Dreamy also provides a sweet shimmer to make the rest of your beautiful face glow.



LEW said...
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LEW said...

I love your blog stevie! It cracks me up and makes me think that you should be a writer, fashion advisor, etc... You just made my long day at work a little more bearable!

MollDoll said...

hahaha Im so glad youre speaking up about how horrid Laurens lips looked on the Hills two weeks ago! I love and miss you!