Sunday, August 16, 2009

BFF of the Bachelorette

Hello my few yet loyal followers.  I apologize for not blogging in a while because I have been extremely busy.  I recently moved, I start law school this month, and my life is one big ball of stress. 

 However, in the midst of all this turmoil, I have realized I am getting old.  Well, maybe not OLD but older, more mature, growing up.  With this "becoming and adult" thing, along comes having serious boyfriends, engagements, weddings...AND BACHELORETTE PARTIES!  I have a close friend who is getting married this December and I can't help but anticipate the bachelorette party.  But there is a major issue at stake here...  What do I wear???  Let's say, for instance, my friend decides to have her party in Vegas.  A stereotypical spot to have such a party but it is just oh so fun and we as girls can not resist a "Girls' Weekend in Vegas."  

Let's not get ahead of ourselves though.  We must plan our outfit strategically.  The bachelorette is assumed to wear something vibrant, like a lipstick red mini dress or a sequined number so we, as the entourage, must not overpower her thunder!  This is why I provided a perfect solution to the issue above.  This is a Mason by Michelle Mason black mini with zipper front and is highly affordable at $374.  This LBD is sexy, stunning, and most importantly, black.  Black is a color that will blend into the Vegas lights and will not cause a scene, stealing the bachelorette's potential attention from lame guys who think they're hot.  

Next, comes the fun part...SHOES!  I have a weakness for shoes, as all girls should.  This part can make or break an outfit.  Since you are in Vegas you might opt for a flashier pair of pumps but I say keep it low key just like your dress.  Remember, it is not you who is getting married.  It's your BFF.  An awesome pair of Pluto peep toes are shown above.  These are Ruthie Davis and are a nudge over affordable at $895 but you've been saving your money for this trip alone so it's a good investment.  These pumps are quite tall so they will make your legs look extra skinny and toned if you're lacking in that area.  They provide a slight detail on the heel as to not take away from the minor zipper detail on the dress.  
As for accessories, I would go with a pair of chunky diamond stud earrings and  blingy cocktail ring(s).  So many people are guilty of overdoing it in a Vegas atmosphere because they think, "oh, it's Vegas, I can look as crazy as I want!"...WRONG!  Just because you're in a notoriously scandalous town does not mean you should look like a cheap stripper.  When looking for a cocktail ring, go for something with intricate detail that makes your hand look dainty and pretty.  This one pictured above is Juicy Couture, which retails for $98.  This is on the high side just for a party ring so I would also recommend visiting Charlotte Ruse or Forever 21.

With this ensemble, you are guaranteed to make heads turn because it is simply and classy with a touch of trendy.  However, you won't steal any attention from your BFF Bachelorette because I'm sure she will be wearing a sparkly dress with a stupid tiara-veil on her head...

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MollDoll said...

um i love you! we are OLD! wish morgans party would be in vegas..