Monday, March 30, 2009

Tory, Milly, Louis OH MY!

I was at the famed South Coast Plaza, window shopping of course, when I stumbled upon Stephen Sprouse's new collection at Louis Vuitton.  The brilliant colors mesmerized me.  His ideas are so simple yet insanely addictive.  A small handbag will put you $1,200+ in the hole but is it not worth it??  I guess you could settle for a clutch for around $500 but if you're going to invest in one of these masterpieces you might as well go big.  I walked into the Louis Vuitton store and felt the piercing eyes of the huge security guards and beyond bitchy sales women but I could not help myself...I grabbed the "Neverfull" bag and I'm pretty sure my heart skipped a beat.  Since the gorilla looking security staff insisted on following me around the store because apparently I'm not a celebrity, I decided to leave and just put the Stephen Sprouse bag on my shopping list for future reference.
I continued my shopping venture into Saks where I felt more at home.  Definitely more my price range!  I come to find these amazing Milly dresses and I  mean AMAZING!  Like the Louis Vuitton bags, Milly designs are the epitome of simplicity yet scream high fashion!  If the pattern is too much for you, don't worry.  Solids were created for people like you who have no sense of adventure.  These maxi dresses are great for the warming weather and perfect for the summer cruise on the Mediterranean that you are dying to take.  And even better, they are affordable in the sense that you will not max out your credit card this month, again...  

Continuing my frolic in Saks 5th Ave,  I come across the salon fav!  I can not help but notice that these Tory Burch sandals would complete my Milly dress and Louis Neverfull.  The gladiator style is so hot right now and you can never go wrong with a neutral.  I like to think it makes your legs look skinnier.  The tan leather and golden clasps are an ideal combination for your bronze summer glow.
Last but not least!  You can't forget your sunnies!!  Some oversized Tom Ford's will sex up your show stopping look.  These will hardly make a dent in your wallet (compared to the rest of the outfit) and can be worn casually with your new maxi.  A bronze lens is always the way to go because they give your eyes a more mysterious glow, unlike the grey or black lenses.


MollDoll said...

i love all of these! had my eye on the milly and a pair of tom fords and those you need to make my blog look like yours ! XOXO

Opé - Style Artist said...

That is a fabulous LV bag!