Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Goth? I think not!

Christian Audigier, a hot upcoming designer, can definitely be considered unique.  The whole tattoo t-shirt trend came about a couple years ago and has finally exploded.  He has found a way to make this hard-core style trendy.  
The major misconception about brands like Ed Hardy and Affliction/Sinful is that only gothic people wear it.  That is totally FALSE!  These brands have become very popular among UFC fighters.  Affliction has even designed shirts for specific fighters and sponsors them.  In my opinion, these shirts are fabulous!  Designers like Christian Audigier can make a simple t-shirt look rich and classy.  He has made dresses and tunics that are totally cute with tights and Uggs for the winter.  Add a fur coat and you are set for a night at the clubs.  I think guys got the better end of the deal though.  Amazing hoodies and sports coats were designed with pin stripes, chrome, and crystals to make them look classically flashy.  Great for club attire in Vegas.  
OK, there is one thing that bothers me.  I happen to live in a small town, therefore there are not many places to shop.  Because of the lack of clothing, guys and girls (mostly guys) will all buy the same damn shirts.  So when we go out to the bars, every guy that wears this kind of stuff will have the same shirt on as the guy standing across the bar from him...EMBARRASSING!  Have you ever heard of ordering online??  Try it sometime.
Now that I've gotten off track I would like to go back to the style many people consider dark and gothic.  If you accessorize correctly and don't wear too much black eyeliner and go to the tanning bed once in a while, you will pull off this sexy, seductive look with ease.  And did I mention you will look fabulous?  If you add some Jess Simpson boots or YSL pumps, you will turn heads for sure!  

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Jillian said...

Loved your first post, Rachel is absolutely wonderful and I adore Brad, but hearing you use Yves Saint Laurent and Jessica Simpson shoes interchangeably makes me a little sad. JS's "brand" does not even come close, but I do look forward to reading more!

GL with your new blog!