Sunday, October 19, 2008


I can't believe the season finale of The Rachel Zoe Project is quickly approaching.  It seemed like yesterday I was anticipating the fashion drama, vintage brands, and the superficial accent that people in Los Angeles have developed.  Rachel Zoe has been in headlines for years seeing as though she is the #1 stylist for the stars.  However, she has also been in headlines for the whole Nicole Richie scandal but I won't go into that because I love Rach and she can't help it that she's skinny!  For a while Rachel has been working behind the scenes while the celebrities wear her creations.  When I would watch the Oscars, MTV Awards, and Fashion Week, I would often give credit to or blame the star for his or her innovative ideas or fugly fashion faux pas.  Little did I know, I should be putting the blame on the stylist!  However, I have yet to criticize Rachel Zoe's elegantly fabulous pieces!  I think it was an amazing idea to have her own show because she can now show everyone the method to her madness.  Who ever thought a fatty, loose Dior sweater paired with a long chain Chanel necklace could make you look skinny??  And how an obnoxious cocktail ring looks great (or Bananas! as Rachel would say) with a formal evening gown. If society didn't have people like Rachel Zoe, we would all look like frumpy trolls.  Unfortunately, many people choose not to follow the fashion rules of L.A.  I guess that's their loss...
I can't help but wonder where Rachel's ideas come from.  Why was she the chosen one to make millions off dressing people??  I've come to realize that it is all about taking risks.  Coco Chanel took major risks with her fashion creations and look where her company is now!  She took the little black dress and long pearls and made them breathtaking!  This is exactly what Rachel Zoe does.  She carefully studies the designs of Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, Balenciago, etc...and she is inspired by their creations.  She pairs the most random pieces together but they end up looking incredible!  She doesn't care what other people think because Rachel is determined to make her creations a trend.  
Rachel is not alone on her new show.  She is accompanied by her very patient and loving husband, and her assistants, Taylor and Brad.  I have a love hate relationship with Taylor only because her style is very original and punk, which I LOVE but she is so hostile and makes it look like she hates her life, even though she has one of the most amazing jobs in Los Angeles.  Taylor is the more serious, organized version of Rachel.  If Rach didn't have Taylor, I think the Zoe Camp would go to hell.  I've been dying to talk about Brad!  How can anyone not love him?!?!  Brad is the newbie in Rachel's company and he's still trying to prove himself but Taylor makes it very difficult on him.  Brad is a young, outgoing gay guy with impeccable taste.  I think he has great potential but he seems to be extremely sensitive and cries a lot but i still love him.
I can't wait for a fab second season of The Rachel Zoe Project!  I expect more drama between Brad and Taylor and definitely more leopard and big sunnies from Rachel!

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